Uniden BC355N Scanner Review

Uniden BC355N Scanner ReviewTake a look at this Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner Review. This is a basic mobile scanner, the BC355N is ideal for home or mobile use. It has 300 genuine channels. There is coverage of the action bands and convenient features such as call closure and green panels. There’s a wealth of  routes at the following frequencies: (25-54 MHz) (108-174 MHz) (225-380 MHz) (406-512 MHz) (806-956 MHz) (excluding cell phone bands).

A solid BC355N base is a scanner mobile and is one of the easiest-to-use communication products available today. It has 800MHz compatible band support with 300 channels, Dun Call for RF capture technology for non-closing and temporary blocking.

Review the Uniden Product Features

Uniden Search comes with a turbo search that allows you to search 180 actions per second. It comes with seven banks comprising six pre-registered service banks and a programmable private standard bank that includes police, fire and emergency services.
The scanner works using a common link established in the USA or Canada

It has 300 channels. It comes with RF Close Call capture technology that helps you instantly tune in to signals from nearby transmitters
There is a service search that helps you find frequencies more easily It provides you with a temporary lock and a search lock.
There unit has a bright backup screen which helps when traveling at night. You can register frequencies in programmable banks.
It also comes with each memory clearly to restore it to factory settings. This radio has a one year limited warranty.

The Uniden mobile scanner is easy to use and records a 300-channel 800 MHz base (BC355N).
Another pro is the search for the pre-registration service is excellent because it helps you find interesting frequencies to listen to. The RF Close Call ™ capture technology comes with an amazing scanner. With the search block, you can block interesting and interesting frequencies. This CB radio has an affordable price.

Uniden BC355N Product Scanner Review

A good scanner for desktop or mobile. I always prefer Uniden Scanners. This is a great cheap scanner for a beginner to use. Easy to understand and operate. Amazing scanner. I’m very familiar with radios and scanners and this scanner is top notch. The speaker volume is great. It comes with a regular aluminum adjustable antenna along with a corded antenna that will mount to a window with suction cups for improved reception.

If you are in the market for a simple, easy to use scanner, this one is the one I highly recommend. Fantastic scanner. I had one similar many years ago and just missed having it around. This model has much more channel capacity with 100 different frequencies capable of being stored in the private settings for my county. I’ve read about how people have some trouble programming it, and there is a small learning curve.

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