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Uniden BCD436HP ReviewProduct description – You’ll want to read this Uniden BCD436HP Review as you consider making a handheld scanner purchase. The BCD436HP is the first scanner that incorporates the ease of use of HomePatrol-1 into a traditional handheld scanner. In addition, the Closed RF Capture Uniden function, GPS connectivity, additional display, radio system analysis and modes. The scanner’s LCD keyboard makes the keys and the display help you make favorite lists quick and easy to set up. There are five different frequencies covered by the BCD436HP (25-512 MHz, 758-824 MHz, 849-869 MHz, 894-960 MHz, 1240-1300 MHz).

Other features: Trunk Tracker V, APCO 25 phase I and fast decoding step II, X2-TDMA, CTCSS / DCS, P25 NAC decoding and Sentinel simple software for PC to keep your database and firmware updated Motorola Type II.

Moto rola Ty Pe II Hyi Hybrid
Smartnet Motorola Type II
Motorola Smart Card Type II
Omni link Motorola Type II Smartz
Motorola VOC Type II
Standard LTR
2 5 Standard project
Motorola X2-TDMA
P25 Phase I and Phase II
EDACS Standard (Wide
EDCS Sliding (Narrow)
EDACS Networks (Wide / Narrow)
EDACS ESK At the following frequencies: (25-512 MHz) (758 -960 MHz) (without cell phone bands) (1.24 – 1.3 GHz) “.

Scanner Product Features

The Uniden BCD436HP option comes with a flexible and easy channel option through zip codes, GPS and service types to use.
It has a range control that allows you to establish how far you can be from the current site that the scanner should search for channels in your favorite list and database
The front panel of the scanner is fully programmable.
Comes with Sentinel software preinstalled to help facilitate firmware and database updates.
USB PC is connected.

Discovery methods help you find new forms of complex systems and frequency ranges.
Analysis methods include RF Power Plot, EDACS / LTRLCN finder, trunked system analysis and bandwidth.
It comes with immediate playback that reverses up to 4 minutes of the recent broadcast recorder and also has a sound recording.
The scanner has a site trigger that allows you to register it to share system-based identifications at different sites without duplicating the identification.

There are 100 hot keys to enter your favorite lists, systems and departments
A programmable LED alert provides seven colors and three pattern alerts when channels are active.
There is also encryption mutation, system number labeling, easy scan control, custom search, quick access search keys and quick search.
There is a 64-character text labeling on the BCD436HP for each system, section, site, voice group, search range, output tone and a NOF group.
The date and time are shown for the timestamp of the recordings
The scanner has a one year limited warranty.

Radio Scanner Product Pros & Cons

Unisex digital scanner Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol scanner scans any unencrypted source that covers CB and Trunking systems
The scanner is mobile and you can take it wherever you go. It comes with many functions you can use. And the scanner has a reasonable price.
Some people have said that this unit is easy to use, while others have said that most of the functions are not needed. Also, the units  software would be necessary to use most of the functions.

Our Uniden BCD436HP Review Findings

With over 700 reviews of this product, there is a lot of material out there. If you’re like me and have limited time to read reviews, let me sum this product up for you. It is plug & play. Enter your zip code and it knows what frequencies to scan in your area. Game on. If you travel, buy the Uniden-brand GPS unit available on Amazon (Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver for Scanner and Marine Products).

The reason to buy the Uniden unit is A) As you travel, the GPS feeds your location into the scanner and the scanner updates the frequencies it is scanning to those near you and B) because it is also plug & play. This is a great scanner, easily the best. This scanner debuted in early 2014 with early adopters finding a number of problems. Some issues included defective headphone jacks, and problems with SD cards becoming corrupted.

This scanner (BCD436HP) can be as easy or as complicated as you want. Turn it on, enter date/time and your zip code and you’re scanning an area within a 20-mile radius. This is an amazing scanner with a multitude of features. For those new to this scanner, it will take time to familiarize yourself with this radio and the numerous menus and options. So that’s our Uniden BCD436HP Review in a nutshell.

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