Uniden BearTracker Scanner BCT15X Review

Product Description: 

The Uniden BearTracker Scanner BCT15X is a GPS scanner, which comes with an outfit with a room for up to 9000 channels and features unique to Uniden, such as high dynamic memory system, Close Call RF Capture technology and GPS compatibility.  If you’re looking for a police scanner you will want to make sure that a product is as reliable as possible before making your purchase. You would also like a good antenna to get references from far away.

Here’s the Link: https://amzn.to/2ZJAlyi

To make it easier for our readers to obtain a perfect radio scanner, let’s review BCT15X Uniden BearTracker. We will discuss the characteristics of this model before considering the details of its advantages and disadvantages.

Features of Uniden BearTracker Scanner (BCT15X)

This model will work on a wide range of Trunking systems, such as EDACS, Motorola and more.  This model also has a BearTracker warning system, which will let you know if there are police officers in your general area. This can help you avoid traffic jams and other problems, but it will be easier to turn it into an operating frequency so you can find any interesting transmission.

The fire is off in this model together with S.A.M. the weather, allowing you to further customize your scan and keep track of critical weather warnings. The best thing about the fire element is that firefighters can use it to answer a call while conducting their business. BCT15X also uses Uniden RF capture technology, which will automatically give you any frequency currently in use around it.

If you connect this model to the GPS, the device will automatically update its frequencies as it moves, which will make it easier to find the ways you want. With 9000 channels that are dynamically assigned, this model can be used in the busiest areas and you can always listen to everything. There is even a recording record that allows you to obtain an external recorder so you can register any reference you want to hear later.


As we have already mentioned, one of the main benefits of this Uniden scanner is that it is much more powerful than many of the single channel volume compensation functions to ensure you can hear it. The ways in which you are interested and suggest functions such as a temporary block.

The inclusion of many additional accessories means that you will be ready to use this factory model. The reception of this product is more pronounced than expected, especially when it is considered to be half as expensive as some of its closest competitors. If you are looking for a product with consistent reception and a wide range of features to improve your scanning efficiency, this is a great model.


This product is not easy to use. It seems that this scanner was made deliberately so that beginners cannot use it easily. At first, this model does not have a complete user manual and, instead, you must go to the website to access a PDF. As this was not difficult enough to use, this scanner is a challenge for the program, although you can hang it directly on your computer. If you want to simplify the registration process, then you will want to use third-party software that can greatly simplify things.

Product Review:

I give scanner five stars with one major suggestion: make sure you know someone who has app to load frequencies or better yet, do as I did. I have friend who cloned his scanner to mine. It’s very complicated to set up. If you don’t have access to those people, I highly recommend let company preprogram your scanner, pay the extra $ to have them program scanner.

I’ve owned several scanners in my life. This by far is one of the best. I use mine in my POV with a window mount antenna and receive good coverage. I want to hook to my base station roof mount antenna to see how far coverage is.

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