Uniden SDS200 Scanner Review | 5 star rating

uniden-sds200-scanner-reviewThis is a quick review of the brand new STS 200 mobile desktop scanner by Uniden. Alright so let’s take a look at the new Uniden SDS 200 scanner. Just like the SDS 100 this is an IQ receiver it also trunk tracks on Motorola P25 phase 1 phase 2, Motorola, EDACS, LTR trunking, MOTOturbo Capacity plus, connect plus, DMR tier 3 Hytera XPT, it does DMR single channel and NXDN, EDACS ProVoice as well as regular standard EDACS and LTR.

And just like the SDS100 this has a beautiful multi line color display that you can customize and it also has the home patrol database that’s familiar if you have the whole patrol one, two, the BCD436 536HP or even the SDS100.

So let’s take a look at these scanner here and we’ll see what we’re going to be getting, the multi-line beautiful color display this display is 3.5 inches and this means that the scanner is a bit larger than we’re used to this is a DIN- E, a DIN-E sized scanner so that means it is much larger or in height than the the 536 the 996P2 and although it’s more in line with the 780 in the 785 style scanner larger than that.

So looking left to right again on the left hand side we’re going to have as you’re looking at the radio, you have a beautiful LED display that will show you I guess you’ll color code that based on whatever you wanted.

Normally I do fire as red, police will be blue EMS will be green so you can color code that looks like the function knob that’s right below that silver knob that will also let you go up and down and you push it in at your function knob may also have a backlight so it and of course right below that you have your headphone jack.

Again very hard to miss the awesome looking color display so of course at the bottom of the display you have your soft keys those three buttons at the bottom of the scanner will change functions based on what is written above those buttons on this on the display so again as you’re changing modes in the scanner those three buttons will also be changing their modes.

Over on the right-hand side of the scanner we’ll notice again a standard keypad, which again has the same kind of look and feel as all the other HP style scanners you have an avoid key you have which is nice because you didn’t really have that avoids key there on the 536 436 but you do have it over here on which makes more sense on the STS 200.

Again your replay your record buttons you have you zip services so you can just put your zip code in and be off to the races but we’ll notice at the very bottom of this screen is we have two USB ports a microUSB and a USB A, but the Screaming the obvious change on the scan that makes it completely different besides the color display is the fact that we have a LAN port on the on the radio which was supposed to be used for programming and remote control.

If this is true LAN which would be really cool if it was or if it is just for programming so again you have your volume and your squelch and again your squelch is also a menu button which is very interesting because the menu is typically a stand-alone button so they’ve made that part of the squelch button on this scanner.

The back of the scanner which is really really interesting of course you’ve got your BNC antenna jack which is pretty much standard on these mobile and desktop scanners you have your external speaker again standard but again you have got a micro USB port on the back of the scanner and another LAN cable which look like it’s a LAN cable but it’s not it’s a GPS connector.

The GPS is different from the other GPS scanner GPS interfaces on the other scans where the other scanners were a db9 connection this is actually like an rj11 or 45 it looks like and you’re going to need to use the CB-GPSK GPS for this not the standard GPS kit that is for the other Uniden scanners so again this is from like the trunk the CB 885 it’s the same GPS.

If you’re using GPS on your scanners yes you can either buy another GPS kit for this and again on the extreme right hand side of this image here we are standard 12 volt jack and then right below that we also have our Uniden standard three prong mobile 12 volt which would have your 12 volt plus your dimmer sense and your ground. So again this scanner looks very impressive.

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