Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner Review

Radio scanners allow users to scan frequencies and find different channels, to not miss any updates. They are used by agencies such as police departments, firefighters, weather forecasting, emergency event transmissions etc.

If you are looking for a digital scanner to be used for your desktops
and only the Windows operating systems, then “Whistler WS1065
Desktop Digital Scanner”, is the one for you as it is used for
desktops and windows running devices only. Although it is quite
difficult to use programming scanning receivers, it is however not
the case with this radio scanner as per its description it is easy to use.

Here’s the Link: https://amzn.to/2Lk6CXL

To learn more about this product, let’s look at the description below:


The “Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner” is a digital radio
scanner, designed only for windows operating system programs. It is a device by the company “Whistler” who makes digital scanners. The
product includes an object-oriented programming feature, which
enables its user, to program it and use it with ease.

It also includes a “Virtual Scanner mode”, designed to store 21 different kinds of scanner configurations and has a storage capacity of over “38,000 scan-able objects”. The menu items included on this model provide the user a few lines for help to assist in case of need. It
also includes a “Skywarn Storm Spotter Function”, to allow
instant access to various frequencies.


  • Menu Driven Programming
  • Scan List-functionality
  • Virtual Scanner mode
  • Skywarn Storm Spotter Function
  • Digital AGC
  • Free-Form Memory Organization


  • It comes pre-programmed to allow the user to use it with ease
  • Includes help with every menu item
  • Has a storage capacity of over 38,000 scan-able objects.
  • Allows instant access to frequencies using Skywarn Storm Spotter Function
  • Provides frequent free updates to firmware radio.
  • Proper allocation of memory unlike low cost and old scanners


  • Costly to purchase
  • Scanner is slow to start
  • Unable to pick the right frequency sometimes
  • Unable to provide proper audio sometimes

Review – 4/5

Overall it is a good product, to begin with when it comes to buying desktop related radio scanners however, it comes with pros as well as cons. It is currently rated on number seven on amazon in case of best
sellers and includes tons of features.




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